About DSD

Hey there, deal finder! Welcome to Department Store Direct – your ultimate online discount and liquidation haven, conveniently nestled right here in Cullman County (specifically, Bethel).

Incredible deals, local pickup, and zero hassle. Yep, that’s us! We’ve ditched the chaotic bin-digging, the shipping wait game, placing bids, and the endless “Is this still available?”. At Department Store Direct, it’s no gimmicks, no complications just DEALS! 💥

By tapping into our established venture, ArchTronics Web Developers, we’ve significantly cut down on our operational costs and overhead. We’re then able to extend those savings directly to you, bringing the best deals straight from our warehouse to your fingertips. So, why hesitate? Get your deals at Department Store Direct! 🛍️

Frequently Asked

A: Once you receive the “ready for pickup” email just head to 7145 US HWY 278 W, Cullman AL 35057 right beside the Sunoco station and we will have your order ready to load in your car.

A: We don’t have a brick and mortar retail store you can browse. You’re welcome to make your order in person at our pickup location. Our website is our main storefront. Our warehouse model allows us to offer better deals and fast order processing/pick-up.

A: No, that’s not us. We’re beside that. Our office is actually pretty new and not rusty at all. It’s the same building as ArchTronics Web Developers.

A: If scheduling allows, we may be able to do Saturday pickup for you, just give us a call before you order to set that up.

A: If scheduling allows and the distance is reasonable, we may be able to deliver for you, just give us a call before you order to set that up.